Robert E. Latshaw, Jr., CCIM


CCIM - Certified Commercial Investment Member of the National Association of Realtors





Investing in commercial real estate can be one of the most challenging business decisions made by a company, institutional investor, partnership or individual.


The Best Use of the Site   -   Demographics   -   Market Supply and Demand

Tax Ramifications   -   Financing


These and other issues all have an impact on the performance of an asset or investment.


Since 1969, Certified Commercial Investment Members have been recognized as experts in all phases of the real estate investment process. Graduates of the most challenging education program in the industry, CCIMs bring an exceptional level of real - world experience, market knowledge and negotiation skills to each client assignment.   Today, more than 6,000 professionals hold the CCIM designation throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.  This network of proven professionals makes CCIMs model business partners for commercial real estate users, owners and investors.


Nationwide—and increasingly worldwide—the CCIM professional is recognized as the first person to call for advice on commercial real estate.  An estimated 4 percent of commercial professionals hold the elite CCIM designation, which is conferred by the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute, an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors®.


Each CCIM has successfully completed a graduate-level program comprised of 200 classroom hours.  The curriculum focuses on financial, market, user decision and investment analysis—the cornerstones of real estate use and investment.  Candidates also must document professional real estate transactions and successfully pass a demanding comprehensive examination.  CCIM courses a re refined regularly to keep current with the changing industry.  Additionally, many public and private companies license the exclusive delivery of CCIM courses to their real estate staff.


All Certified Commercial Investment Members have mastered such theories and issues as the time value of money, measuring investment performance, analyzing the best use of a site, property supply and demand, evaluating and managing risk, lease versus own analysis, market demographics, negotiations, tax implications and financing options.  And in an industry that requires expertise, CCIMs have also developed one or more specialties:




Appraisal  -  Asset Management  -  Brokerage  -  Consulting  -  Corporate Real Estate

Development  -  Institutional Investment  -  International Real Estate  -  Leasing

Marketing  -  Property Management  -  Real Estate Investment Trusts

Sale Leasebacks  -  Tax Deferred Exchanges


CCIMs apply this expertise to transactions and consulting assignments involving every commercial property type: office buildings, industrial properties, retail space, multifamily dwellings, hotels and motels, senior living facilities, special purpose real estate and land.  Through continuing education programs, CCIMs stay abreast of industry dynamics and legislative issues that may impact commercial real estate.




Internet access and a presence on the World Wide Web are no longer luxuries for doing business. They’re integral tools in how business is transacted.  Through an award-winning Web site - and an exclusive e-mail network, CCIMs can electronically market a client property to thousands of prospective buyers, sellers and tenants. Properties listed for sale or lease carry the distinction of being marketed by a CCIM.  CCIMs also have the resources of the Site To Do Business, an exclusive online service that incorporates the collective intelligence of the CCIM network of members with invaluable demographic and mapping reports, financial analysis tools, property comparables, construction data, environmental information and news and financial market reports.





With members in every state and a growing number of countries around the world, CCIMs comprise the world’s largest commercial real estate network, encompassing more than 1,000 markets, large and small.  This powerful force means a CCIM can close a deal or provide a referral across town or a round the globe.  Commercial real estate is an investment requiring the counsel of a qualified professional.   This holds true for the private investor in an apartment building or the real estate director of a multi-national corporation.



A Certified Commercial Investment Member provides the assurance that every decision will be made in the best interests of the client’s long-term investment objective.


Industry Experience.  Unparalleled Education.  Today’s Technology.  A Network of Support.  These factors set CCIMs apart.  When assembling a commercial real estate investment team, start with a CCIM, your model business partner.